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The Circle in Zurich

You can already reserve your place in the iWorkspace in Zurich now! Everyone is talking about The Cirle right now, and not without reason. In the Circle you can eat, work and relax at the same time. Thanks to the well developed location, you will be in the middle of the city of Zurich within a very short time. Due to the proximity to the airport, you can also operate on an international level. The Circle also offers accommodation for employees from abroad as well as for international customers. The top modern building offers entrepreneurs everything they need to make their day-to-day work as successful as possible. Let yourself be inspired to great things in the Circle!


Space for innovation

The iworkspace is a home where innovations take shape.


Our offer as subscription.


iWorkspace subscription Zurich

CHF 650 per month

Central in the Circle Zurich Airport

Top modern infrastructure & motivating spirit

Fixed workstation with WLAN

Period of notice 1 month

Shared use of lounges, cafeteria & telephone booths

Rent of focus boxes and meeting rooms possible

Empowering services against shares possible!


The infrastructure


Embedded in the ecosystem

The iWorkspace is embedded in an existing ecosystem. On an area of about 800 m2 it offers all advantages of a modern and representative infrastructure. Use the spirit and the network in a productive atmosphere to advance your business.

Whether startup, established one-man business or family business. Through the experience we have gained over the last 20 years, we can help you in various areas of your business.

Especially start-ups are in a challenging phase, where it is important to bring an idea to the market and to make customers happy with it. We support you on your way to breakthrough.

If your engine is already running, you can join an inspiring environment in the co-working space and benefit from the good network, infrastructure and optimal location.

Our experienced coaches will support you in the areas of marketing, sales, recruiting and finance so that you can achieve your company's goals. We promote your ambitions and help you to grow.


Situation plan
iWorkspace, Zurich

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